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Jan 13, 2004
A couple of months ago I longed for Sling TV to be available on Apple TV since I like, have, and use Apple products. I saw a demo of Apple TV in a store and thought it was kind of cool. I was using an old Roku XS that left a lot to be desired.
Since then I purchased a couple of Roku 4s so I could watch Sling TV.
I also purchased Apple TV even though it did not have an application for Sling TV because I couldn't resist the temptation.
I was browsing the internet looking for information about Apple hardware since I am always looking for upgrades to my Apple hardware. I didn't find any information about the these upgrades but and I came across the news that an application for Sling TV on Apple TV was released yesterday.
The application for Sling TV on Apple TV is now installed on my Apple TV and it works. That is about all I can say about it now because all I have done is tried it out.
I don't know what I am going to do now since I have so many streaming devices, but really like the Apple TV. I hope Sling TV on Apple TV will be as good as I am used to it being on everything else it is on.
Unfortunately this doesn't work for older models of the Apple TV. You need the new model that supports the App Store in order to get the app right now.

Our summer cabin has internet with an Apple TV 3rd Gen hooked up but no cable/satellite. I remembered reading this post so I was going to finally sign up for my trial of Sling TV to catch the Tigers games on Fox Sports Detroit while I was up there this weekend.

There are a lot more app choices than there was when I was using this Apple TV on a daily basis as a cord cutter a couple years ago but Sling TV isn't one of them. If anything that home screen is starting to get a little out of control because there are so many icons. I wonder if Sling will ever get added in a future update or if it is just going to stay on the model that supports the app store.
I hesitant to say this because you never know what Apple will do, but I don't think Sling TV will be available on the older Apple TV because it is not app based. Apps are one of the major differences between the old Apple TVs and new one. I am really liking the new (4th generation) Apple TV because I have iPhone and a Mac and never had an Apple TV. The feature I find myself using aside from the new Sling TV app now is airplay from my iPhone. I am really happy with my acquisition of this (4th generation) Apple TV.
I took advantage of the offer and ordered mine on June 15th 2016. As of today June 24 2016 still not shipped and no tracking number. Credit card has been billed. I will keep the forum posted.
I saw a thread on another website mentioning an Apple TV was already received for the Apple TV from Sling TV deal, It was shipped from Apple.
The Apple TV arrived today. I have to say I am not impressed with it. I would consider myself an Apple guy and own multiple Iphones and Ipads however this Apple TV in my mind is horribly implemented.

That is of course no fault of Sling.
What I like about Apple TV in no particular order:
the screensaver
volume control
seems to have high picture quality (important to me)
PLEX (available on any streaming device)
SkyNews live
news apps in general.
many and all TV channel apps
LiveStream seems to have more content than the one on Roku.
AirPlay (works with my Tivo Bolt I have for local programming only, for distant local news apps from my iphone)
Sling TV.

Apple TV is not a computer.Takes some getting used to. It's not a Roku. Supposedly there are now over 5,000 apps compatible with Apple TV (4th) and growing.

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