Slingplayer cant find/see Pro HD on my home network. Any advice? (1 Viewer)

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Nov 20, 2003
San Jose, California
Just received my PRO-HD and finished setting it up.

Its on my network, has an IP address, I can ping it, I can tracert to it and I can telnet to it on port 5001.

There are no firewalls or security protocols in place.

I have reset it, recycled the power on both the router and the Pro HD. (multiple times)

Neither the slingplayer software or the web app can find/see my Pro HD.

Do I have a defective box?

Are there any other options I can try before returning it to the store.

I called tech-sup and they were rude, slightly clueless and hung up on me!
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Pub Member / Supporter
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Jul 12, 2007
Call Sling back. You should get another tech that will help you out. I have used the tech support many times with no problems.


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Apr 14, 2006
Normal, IL
Yeah, call sling. Mine worked great out of the box - until I switched my router from linksys to belkin, which went from 192.68.1.x to 192.68.2.x and I had to do a factory reset on the sling to get it my network to see it.

But you should not be having that problem. Are you sure there is no firewall issue on the router?
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