Smart tv with manual channel scan?


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Oct 17, 2019
Hadley, pa.
I bought the 3D 49 inch panny in 2012. It does have a nice picture and is my bedroom tv. I think I will take your advice and try to fix it but Probably will not get to it right away as my 65 dlp Samsung is having volume problems. Been working a week this time. Some times it only last a day or 2.
Bought the Samsung in 2008 when I heard they were going to quit making DLP tv. It is the DLP that has Led projector bulbs that last the life of the tv. There is a computer chip that goes bad and I replaced that a couple years ago and the picture is still like new. It has a lot more usable varity of imputs than you can get now and I have lots of older equipment I can use with it that will not work on a new tv. It has 2 sets of composit, 2 sets of component. 1 set of computer, 3 hdmi and a wise link that I never used. Some of the new tv only have hdmi imputs and if you pay enough you might get 1 imput that can be used as a component or a composit, not both. I think I will use a home theater receiver to retain my Audio. I never used it because it needs 9 amps of power and I will need to run a new circuit to be able to run it. I have a factory built double wide and can,t believe the way it is wired. Living room, 2 bedrooms, and master bath on 1 circuit with #14 wire.


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Nov 25, 2003
By 2010 the bad capacitor issues were mostly behind us, so I don’t think that’s your specific problem. If you do open your TV up, you’re looking for electrolytic capacitors that have bulged and/or leaked. This site has some links to videos and articles regarding the problem: Electrolytic capacitor failures |
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