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Sep 7, 2008
hey guys hope everyone is doing ok . i took my wife around the other day on the weekend and i found a used Sonicview 360 premier box for like 9 bucks . the box has no rmote and the front face buttons are working fine the OK button does not work ill be ordering a remote latter . now i would like to point the dish to hispasat im here in Houston tx . I just need to know what dish size and LNB i need ?????

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Jan 1, 2009
from habanerito to holguinerito, lol: You need from 75 to 90 cm dish (I use 80 cm so far norh in Toronto) and you also need a standard Ku LNBF (well a universal ku lnbf will also do). check for your angles and also check the List here or for available channels. any DVB-S digital satellite receiver like your sonicview 360 will do but if you get an 8PSK capable one (DVB-S2) like the CS8100 or the S10 you will also enjoy the spanish programming on the 6 Uruguayan channels with US Movies and Dramas dubbed in spanish.
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