Sony Pictures reaches DVD, Blu-ray distribution deal in Vietnam (1 Viewer)


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Richard Lawler, posted May 6th 2008 at 7:35AM Vietnam is finally getting some love from Hollywood, as Sony Pictures is the first studio to release DVDs in the country. Blu-ray discs are expected to come ashore sometime after the initial package of 15 movies (including Casino Royale) as SPHE expands its worldwide reach in partnership with Galaxy Studio. Variety indicatesVietnam's home video market has been almost all pirated content until recently, but it remains to be seen how legitimate releases and next-gen DRM schemes work out.

Sony Pictures reaches DVD, Blu-ray distribution deal in Vietnam - Engadget HD


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You know instead of posting every article out of Engadget magazine everyday in a new thread you could just start one thread with a link to the website. :rolleyes:


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Before you know it, North Korea will have bluray!
Vietnam average monthly income will be just enough to buy one Fox movie (~$30/month).
In North Korea to get the same movie you would have to work at least a full year (~$2/month).

It goes without saying that you'd have to save every cent you make.


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