Sony Sat HD-300 & S-Video Out to VCR

Bill Harris

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Jun 20, 2004
According to the on-screen instructions I can set up my VCR to record from my HD-300 in SD of course. I have the S-Video out from the HD-300 to S-Video in on my Mitsubishi VCR. Likewise on the Left and Right Audio. Now from the setup menu it asks what brand and I select Mitsubishi and then it starts testing codes, about 8 different ones, I don't get any response during the tests. Do I need to have a control cord or something plugged into the 2 units also. Anyone with knowledge of this unit please help.
Thanks in advance
Normally these work with a blast of infra red from the sat box. Make sure there are no obstacles in the way of the VCR and you have a good reflective surface in your room. If you are bouncing off a lot of furniture or window coverings, it may not work. You may also try placing your VCR right next to or under your sat box. Also, if they are behind glass, try opening the doors.
I don't know, read your manual, what I posted above is just typical for most boxes. Some give you an IR blaster cable to run from your box to point at the IR window of the VCR, yours may or may not have that feature.

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