Sony UBP-X800 UHD Player 2/23 Release

Discussion in 'Playback Equipment' started by gadgtfreek, Feb 10, 2017.

  1. Redeem code works if I use IE, not with Chrome though.
  2. FW today activated amazon.

    So far it seems:

    Netflix UHD/HDR 24hz
    Amazon UHD 24hz
  3. I verified, Amazon is 4k/24 ycbcr 444 with DD+ (No HDR yet). Netflix for some reason is only DD.
  4. Watched several hours of Amazon 1080p and UHD today, PQ is great. Watching an episode of Luke Cage in HDR right now, also looks good and I def like that the apps put out 24hz.

    Going to try out Inferno UHD tonight.
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  5. is there a Vudu app on the Sony and if so does it have 4K playback?

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  6. Its there, but is only 1080p/HDX currently.
  7. Got a great offer for my Panny 900, so I sold it yesterday and this will be my primary player. Happy with it so far, just wish Amazon would get HDR... 24hz playback on streaming offers better motion on my E6 vs the 900 and 60hz output, and 1080p and 2160p disc PQ has been great. Its snappy in menus and so far has been a solid player.

    I had some wifi issues early on, but the player is only 2 feet or so from my modem so maybe that was the cause. Once I setup with a cat 6 cable all is well.

    I should be getting in the new LG UHD player with Dolby Vision in a week or two, but it is launching with NO apps so that is a bummer.