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Sep 6, 2003
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Consumer electronics giant Sony released its new PSX device at the CEATEC Japan 2003 consumer electronics show, and it's a truly stunning machine.

Set for release in Japan this year, then Europe and the U.S., the PSX combines a PlayStation 2 game system -- and its ability to play both next-generation online games and original PlayStation titles -- with a television tuner and video recording system, DVD player/recorder, and more. (The "X" stands for "crossover.")

It's also beautiful, seemingly combining Sony's best design ideas with, say, those of Apple Computer, Bose, and maybe Steven Spielberg. (An Australian Sony page has a small gallery at the bottom.) There's little doubt that just about anyone into gaming or high-end electronics will look very seriously at this device.

Pictures and details are here.
It's a shame that unit does not support HD. they have everything under the hood but a HD tuner which could record HD to the Hard Drive.
When you look at how many PS2 units Sony has sold, who is going to buy this version? Since there is no new game functionality will consumers pay >$700 to have two boxes that are exactly the same in some key functions? I think they would have been better off waiting to include these features in PS3, perhaps then producing two flavors of PS3? Is the HD recorder Tivo or Tivo Lite or is Sony going it on their own in this feature? Why USB 1.1 rather than 2.0?
Keep in mind this is not a U.S. product. Lets not assume anything about what this might look like when they bring it here. USB 2.0 or firewire could be added. Expect a much lower price here too....
Actually, for all the stuff they are putting in this box, $719 doesn't seem to bad (only $120 more than the 721 was when E* released it!). I'll be really curious to see what provides the DVR functionality. You would really think Sony would continue to leverage their Tivo license. PSX sounds like a great fit in the HMO strategy.
I would agree. I would assume it includes TiVo since Sony has a huge investment in the company, but its just a guess. I heard on NPR today that they are looking at it like a HMO box and stream video, sound and pictures off of your home computer to it. Sounds cool, but we won't really know until details for a U.S. release are available.
It would not be very economical to have to spend an additional monthly or lifetime fee to have to pay for the Tivo functionality. The cheapest DVD recorders I have seen (other than those for computers) are around $500 and this seems to burn a lot faster than those.
How can you say that? I would always pay to have TiVo functionality if offered.
What I meant to say was after having to spend that kind of money on the PSX, consumers will expect to not have to pay any additional money for its functionality, because they will have thought they paid for the functionality that the PSX would offer.
I don't buy that argument. Why should I not pay for a TiVo subscription. To continue to expect DVR's to be free is misguided. The aussie and the dish salesman can say all they want about no DVR fees, but it won't be up to them in the future.
The new Replay boxes (5504) now come with 3 years of DVR service for free , then a .99 per month fee kicks in. Much more consumer friendly pricing strategy.

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