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Dec 5, 2014
For those of you in Legacy TWC and Legacy BHN areas that have business connections at home or that are in charge of enterprise connections at work I would make it a point to reach out to your rep and see if switching over to Spectrum pricing is worth it for your organization.

Last week I contacted our rep and had a wonderful conversation. For data, our dedicated fiber speeds will be increasing 5x for $80/month less. For voice, our PRI costs are dropping $85 for the same level over service. For our copper services, our total bill will be increasing $20 a month, but with that increase, comes bringing three DOCSIS connections up to 100 x 10 from two 50 x 5s and a 10 x 1.

Unlike residential, you can mix and match business plans between Legacy and SPP to a point, but they must be different connection methods. You can have a fiber based service under SPP and copper service under legacy, or vice versa. But you can't have legacy copper internet and SPP copper voice.

Just waiting on Legal to give the stamp of approval since it requires a new 36 month contract and I'll have a much happier user base at work.

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