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Sean Mota

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Sep 8, 2003
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At AVS, it was revealed that each event will cost $14.99. Not a block of hours but each event. I believe this means whether is a movie or an actual event. Will you pay that much to see this? I also read that it was "worthy" the $15.00. No more details of what worthy means. Here's a quick pick of the movies/events available this week. These movies were shown between 12am and 5:30am. But it looks like it will start at 9pm!

Zap2it Tv Listing

2/2/04 - 2/8/04 lineup

  1. Spice Clips Live
  2. The Nooner Replay
  3. Ageless
  4. Barely Legal 33
  5. The Private Sex Survivors
  6. One Night With Duchess
  7. Soul Mates
  8. A Moment in Time
  9. Sweet Sounds


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Oct 8, 2003
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Not in a million years will I pay that price. They have to be out of their mind. I would be interested if it were a monthly subscription channel. I will not touch it at PPV prices.

Gregg Loewen

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Dec 13, 2003
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wow, they arent even in the ball park. Perhaps if the monthly subscription was $14.95.



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Dec 4, 2003
Spice-HD, will you pay this much, $14.99? :shocked That's an easy question to answer. NO!


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Sep 7, 2003
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I would never pay that much to watch a video on my tv. I imagine a lot of people that would will end up recording it. Hopefully a monthly HD service like 495 or 496 will become available.

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