sportster 3 audio problem (1 Viewer)

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SatelliteGuys Guru
Jan 5, 2005
yesterday i installed a sportster 3 sirius unit in a customers f-550 ford truck.i turned on the sirius internal fm transmiter and i heard almost no audio output on any fm frequency.i did hear channel 184 coming in on a few fm frequency's but it was so faint a bird chirp would have drowned it out.that littel antenna extension they provide with the unit was connected right next to the trucks main radio antenna,but this did not make any difference at all.
does this sound like a bad unit right out of the box or did i over look some thing ? i sold the customer a directed electronics FM modulator,which will be installed in the next few days,i have a feeling this will not help the situation.
has any one else had this same problem ? or have any sugestions what could be wrong.
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