Spot beams in Puerto Rico with NYC account


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Oct 21, 2013
We are planning to sail a yacht from my home in New York to Puerto Rico. I already have DISH onboard registered to my NYC address and it all works well. When I arrive in Puerto Rico, will I be able to receive the local spot beam channels? For example, on 110W there is spot beam 49 which broadcasts CNN USA (HD). I know I will be in the right place geographically, but since my account is registered in NYC, will I be able to get channels on 110W spot beam 49?


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Jun 3, 2009
Puerto Rico
I doubt. PR HD channel numbers are different and are available to sub in PR only. Heck when they put eg Tennis channel on free preview I don't get the HR version because they haven't put PR channel in thr same.

You will probably get all the SD channels plus some that come from 119/110.


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Sep 10, 2005
Northern USA
You will not get HD channels. Had the same issues in Alaska. Even called them up , told them I had and RV with custom bigger dish and had signal. They had no idea what I wanted, I don't even think they could add the channels if they wanted to. I did end up "moving" to Anchorage, and for whatever reason I only got ANC locals but not the HD spotbeams like ESPN, and I got the RSN from my previous market and any HD conus channels I could receive. Worked out well as I could DVR local news, watch my favorite nba team, but not get ESPNHD in HD. Switched to directv where AK isn't different than America.

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