Starchoice DSR505 Question and Programming Question

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Jul 18, 2007
If anyone can provide any help with either of these issues, I would greatly appreciate it.

I just purchased a DSR505 and it is not receiving any programming except for the PPV preview channels. When I hooked it up, I am pretty sure that my broker had Starchoice send the hit before it had downloaded any updated software. I am also receiving guide data. I am thinking that it just needs to be hit again, but when I had my broker hit the dish a second time, the trip count jumped 1, but nothing changed. Should I try for another hit? Should the trip count change more than 1?

My second question has to do with my current programming. When I called my broker to have him add the DSR505 to my account (I already have a DSR317), I requested a programming change. When the programming change supposedly took place, the DSR317 was not hooked up, and the programming changes are not showing up with the DSR317. Does a receiver need to be on in order to receive a programming change, or will it simply update itself eventually? I just hooked up the DSR317 last night, and I am still receiving my old programming package.

Any help on either issue would be greatly appreciated.
For a new receiver (505) the trip count should be between 4 and 7 for a new install (I have 3 and know the routine). Also a soft reboot is sometimes required (push and hold front panel power for 10 sec.) in order to see the HD channels. The epoch keys are updated every 2 days or so - receviers placed in the stream should get the updates after a few days if not initially hit. Programming changes can take 48hr if done by website (mine took a little longer). Calls to SC are taking longer since they have had some problems with their migration to 8SPK.

SC CSRs have to enter a code manually to turn HD on for your account.

Also, the 505 firmware has to be the latest firmware (E0) to get the HD channels now that they are now all in QSPK. Check your System Status screen. If you see a different version listed and/or target version is E0; turn your receiver off at night (but do not disconnect plug).

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