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Apr 19, 2009
Since I love the Encore channels, I thought that I would be nice enough to let you all know that DirecTV is having a...

Enjoy Starz® FREE, January 14-17.

Watch STARZ® FREE, January 14-17, Channels 518-533.
*Although not noted as free by DirecTV, Channel 549, Sundance Channel, also appears to be free for this preview.

518 Starz Kids & Family HD (Available in HD Only)
519 Starz Comedy HD (Available in HD Only)
520 Starz (HD) (east)
521 Starz (HD) (west)
522 Starz Edge (HD)
523 Starz InBlack
526 Encore (east)
527 Encore (west)
528 Encore Love
529 Encore Westerns
530 Encore Mystery
531 Encore Drama
532 Encore Action
533 Encore WAM
549 Sundance Channel

(Source Directv)
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I just signed up for STARZ thru DIRECTV yesterday.

Right now if you sign up for STARZ you get SHOWTIME free for 3 months.

That is right. It is a 2-For-1 Special Offer for $12.99.

D* states the following:
"When you order Starz® Super Pack and SHOWTIME UNLIMITED® you get two for the price of one for three months. That's a total of 12 Starz channels (5 in HD) and 9 SHOWTIME channels (6 in HD) for only $12.99 or less per month for 3 months. Receive a $11.01 credit on your billing statement for a period of three months. Offer for customers that do not currently subscribe to both Starz® and SHOWTIME®. Offer ends 5/31/10."

For Terms & Conditions, D* states:
"Offer ends 5/31/10. Offer for DIRECTV residential customers with accounts in good standing, as determined by DIRECTV in its sole discretion, who do not currently subscribe to either Starz® Super Pack or SHOWTIME UNLIMITED® programming. Eligible customers must activate both Starz® and SHOWTIME® programming. Customers will receive a $11.01 bill credit for each month that both Starz® and SHOWTIME® subscriptions are active during the three-month period. After three (3) months, customer's Starz® and SHOWTIME® subscriptions continue at then pre-vailing rate. Initial credits may take 4-6 weeks to appear on your bill. No cash value. May not be combined with any other offer. Starz® and related channels and service marks are the property of Starz Entertainment, LLC. ©2009 Showtime Networks Inc. All rights reserved. SHOWTIME and related marks are trademarks of Showtime Networks Inc., a CBS Company."

D* also has a "Limited Time Offer ;)" for the HD Extra Pack which includes:
Crime & Investigation HD, Channel 289
HDNet Movies, Channel 552
MGM HD, Channel 255
Palladia HD, Channel 332
Smithsonian HD, Channel 267
Universal HD, Channel 259

I love HDNet Movies, MGM HD, and Palladia HD!

D* states,
"*After the free three months of DIRECTV HD EXTRA PACK, the service will automatically continue on the fourth month at the then-prevailing rate of $4.99/mo."
I knew about the STARZ/SHOWTIME deal when I called.

I said I wanted to remove HBO & SKINMAX and add STARZ.
I waited to see if the CSR would say something about the STARZ/SHOWTIME 2-for-1 three month deal. I had to mention the STARZ/SHOWTIME 2-for-1 deal in order to get it.
I sure wish they carried the starz cinema channel though :confused: i wonder why they don't?
I am surprised that DirecTV does not carry it. I guess that it has something to do with agreement issues. I am not really sure. Dish carries it in SD, though. Surprisingly, the local cable company even carries it. Of course, they also carry other premiums as a surprise to me: ThrillerMax and Showtime Women along with the west feeds for MoreMax, Showcase, Showtime Extreme, Encore Drama, and Encore Action. I find that Dish carries more premiums and more in HD than DirecTV. I noticed this especially with HBO when we had it free for 3 months. DirecTV did have that press release (DIRECTV, Inc. - DIRECTV to Offer 11 HBO/Cinemax Channels in HD) of adding more channels and more in HD in 2007, but it has not happened, yet. I am not sure what happened with that. Again, my guess would be agreement issues.
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EncoreHD is one of my favorites (have Dish also) ...
We have Dish as well. I love having Encore HD with the last base package with HD. I also love getting Encore (west), Encore Love, Encore Westerns, Encore Mystery, Encore Drama, Encore Action, and Encore WAM in the last base package. I also think that it is nice that Dish offers an Encore Pack (excluding Encore WAM, Encore East, and Encore East HD, though) for $4.99/month a la carte for those not in the 250 package.
Although comparing Encore and Starz with DirecTV and Dish is interesting and fun, I do not want it to necessarily become a DirecTV v. Dish thread. Therefore, I would like to add that Sundance (Channel 549) has become free again during a free preview. I just thought that I would share this, too. I will update the list. I thought that Sundance was in Showtime Unlimited. However, like previously mentioned, it always seems to appear during a free preview.:D
I thought that Sundance was in Showtime Unlimited. However, like previously mentioned, it always seems to appear during a free preview.:D

Yea, I just noticed Sundance is free too this weekend. (I have no premiums)
I do remember at one time several years ago, the way D* did Sundance was that if you had ANY premiums, they tossed in Sundance regardless. I thought that they had discontinued this, but I'm wondering if it still exists?

If anyone with any other premiums other than Showtime (HBO, MAX, Starz/Encore or Sportspak) could chime in when the freebie is over, it would be interesting to see who's getting Sundance...
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