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Apr 21, 2009
Here is a mind blower for you.

I received my new Onkyo TX-SR507 about three weeks ago. Everything was setup and working fine. About a week ago the sub woofer stops working. Thinking that I mis-adjusted a setting I restore all defaults and redo the setup process. Still no sub.

I take it into our local service center and the tech plugs it into his sub and it works perfectly (I was a surprised because I was convinced it was a hardware malfunction).

I get the amp back home and hook up the sub. I with the volume both on the sub and amp set to max the sub is barley audible.

I think it is a compatibility issue so I take my sub to my brother inlaws house who has the identical Onkyo receiver and it works no problem. Again I am surprised.

I get home and plug the sub in, restore all defaults, and still the sub is barely audible at max settings.

What could possibly be going wrong here? I think the next step is to bring my sub and receiver to the service center. Before I did that I thought I would see if any of you may be able to help!! Any suggestions appreciated!
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