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SatelliteGuys Pro
Sep 25, 2004
Bold = C-band feeds
Blue = EI feeds
Green = Superstation feeds
Purple = ESPN Game Telecast

1:05pm ET
Gm 1 Dodgers (KCAL-9) at Phillies (WPSG-57)
Twins (WFTC-29,FSN North Simulcast outside Minneapolis) at Indians (Sports Time Ohio & EI D744 & E626)
1:07pm ET
Devil Rays (WXPX-66, WBIF-51) at Blue Jays (The Sports Network)
1:10pm ET
Marlins (Sun Sports) at Mets (SportsNet New York & EI D734 & E625)
1:15pm ET
Pirates (FSN Pittsburgh & EI D735 & E627) at Reds (No TV)

1:35pm ET
Red Sox (NESN & EI D736) at Orioles (CSN MidAtlantic, FSN South-North Carolina & EI E628)

2:05pm ET
Nationals (Mid-Atlantic Sports Net) at Astros (FSN Houston & EI D743 & E632)
Diamondbacks (KTVK-3) at Brewers (FSN North-Wisconsin & EI D742 & E629)
Tigers (FSN Detroit & EI D738 & E631) at Rangers (KDFI-27, KWBF-42)
2:10pm ET
White Sox (CSN Chicago & EI D737 & E630) at Royals (No TV)

3:35pm ET
Yankees (YES) at Angels (FSN West & EI D739 & E635)

4:05pm ET
Athletics (FSN Bay Area Plus) at Mariners (FSN Northwest & EI D741 & E634)
Braves (TBS) at Giants (FSN Bay Area & EI D740 & E633)
Rockies (KTVD-20) at Padres (Ch. 4 Padres)

4:30pm ET
Gm 2 Dodgers (KCAL-9) at Phillies (WPSG-57)

8:05pm ET
Cardinals at Cubs & ESPN HD


SatelliteGuys Pro
Apr 8, 2006
Wisconsin switches from kcal-9 to wpsg-57 and the video is choppy and the audio is like a blown out speaker, unwatchable. This year is gonna be hell for this service, customer service is busy, lost my subscription friday night, can't get gameday audio when i re-ordered it. F%&*^#@%&^@#%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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