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Nov 30, 2009
Hi there, I move to Mexico and I brought my Directv with me. I realize that here need bigger antennas.

I have one antenna for 101, one for 103 and one for 99. I have a Zinwell MS6X8WB-Z but I only can get 101 and 99 or 101 and 103.

Is there any other switch to get all 3 satellites together?

Thanks in advance. :confused:
Please tell us about the LNBs you are using on 99 & 103 Directv dosen't make separate LNBs for these satellites.

Here are the pic of the lnbs I use one for each hd antenna

If that LNB sent only 1 satellite signal it might work, but it is receiving 3 satellite signals and probably is your problem. Maybe one of those on a large dish with the dish skewed or the LNB skewed might work.

Maybe you should be happy with 101.
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