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Aug 27, 2007
I'm as new as can be and would like to figure out how to set-up a tailgate system. I found on the Dish web site they have a pre-paid service, so I won't have to get a subscription that I would only use part of the year. They also have a starter kit with a basic receiver and dish, but I don't know what models they are yet - the receiver might be the 311.

Can anyone jump in and let me know what I should look for? My basics are probably the same as anyone else - I want ESPN Game Day and then either ESPN or the local channels for a variety of games. This would be for State College/University Park, zip is 16802. I wouldn't use this at home (FIOS instead). HD would be nice, but that may complicate things, so SD is fine.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Feb 26, 2006
Central PA
It depends on which channel is carrying the game, which will certainly vary by week. Usually it will be ABC/ESPN but sometimes it's ESPN2. I have even seen games rarely on CBS (but that was years ago). The stadium is in the Altoona/Johnstown DMA which E* currently does not do LiL as HD, so if it's on ABC then you're stuck for now with SD unless you're sub'd as being in another DMA. I'm not sure how that works, and which satellite is carrying the local HD channels for your sub'd DMA might vary, probably either 110 or 61.5. You'll probably do fine in SD only with a Dish500 that can be tuned to receive the 110 and 119 satellites, then a simple SD receiver like the 311 will do the tuning. I have never personally done on-site sat. reception, but it seems like most who do in this area are doing it with a similar setup. Spend some time at this first game (carried only on Big10Net that E*won't have anytime soon!) asking folks what works best for them. It seems like every big RV has a sat. set-up! Then you'll have a good idea.

Welcome to the forum, from a fellow Penn Stater. (I take tickets at Gate E - stop by and say "Hi". I'm the guy with the "button hat", you can't miss it. It even gets on TV a time or 2 each year, but only on the JumboTron in the stadium...)
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Dec 17, 2004
Southwest VA
I used a 311 and 500 myself with a power invertor. It did fine. I purchased a cheap plastic stand off ebay that had a built in compass and level. It looks flemsy but i used it 2 years without any tips. The only problem I had was my power inverter struggles occasionally. Make sure you arent on the edge of your amperage when you choose your power source. This year I decided to upgrade to a small LCD HDTV and switched over to a dish 1000 and my 211. I just got in the house from doing a mock setup on it. worked beautifully.. Can't wait for saturday!
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