Tech failure on SWM16 install

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Yeah, the guides really ugly on the HR34. Although, my wife seems to be having no trouble with it. She's recording and watching the on demand stuff. I've been in the bedroom trying to get the hr24 to act like a Dish VIP.:D Got it pretty close now. But, anyways how exactly do you update the HR34 to CE. I still got time to do it tonight, Correct?

Do the forced download...the steps are in the stickie in the CE forum. Its easy.

You won't be able to get it to act like a Dish VIP box. Your box has MRV. You would have to take some features out of your receiver. A dish VIP box can't access an HR34 and it only dreams of being able to record 5 things at one time :)
Is it eleven on the east coast yet? I can't get it to work!

Alright! 02468 did it. Its dl'ing now. :)
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