Tegna dispute IS OVER!

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Apr 26, 2023
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This would affect me here, with WNEP.
I still remember the last Tegna dispute back in 2020.
also cannot believe a retrans deal would only last 3 years, it’s usually 4 or even 5.
TVPromise notice:
TEGNA Inc., one of the largest owners of local broadcast stations, has once again made a private negotiation public to create unnecessary and premature concern among some of our customers to extract higher rates for local broadcast stations. Unfortunately, that's become the industry norm as the costs for free local stations have soared more than 20 percent yearly despite declining popularity and less compelling content.

We will continue to meet our customers' demands for greater choice and value. We will do our utmost to shield them from unwarranted price hikes as we work with TEGNA Inc. to renew its stations without interruption.
TVPromise notice:
I went to Tegna's website to let them know what I thought, but they have NO was to contact them ...
Only posting to call and complain to D* and ATT that they are not negotiating fairly ...

I believe its the OTHER way around .

D* will NOT take a Channel down,, the only one that will do that is the Provider ... the Local station (and its Owner)
I couldn’t even find anything about their DirecTV renewals online!
But they have two former Bally teams, the Suns (NBA) and Mercury (WNBA), so they might demand higher rates for their stations to cover the sports costs whenever their contract comes up.
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