Telesat to Launch New Anik G1 Satellite for Shaw Direct (1 Viewer)

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Oct 27, 2008
Great news for anyone living south of the border, looks like Shaw Direct may stick around for a while...


OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - March 31, 2010) - Telesat, the world's fourth largest fixed satellite services operator, announced today that it has completed an agreement for a new satellite with one of its key customers, Shaw Direct.

Shaw Direct, a leading provider of direct-to-home satellite television services in Canada, has agreed to utilize a payload on a new Telesat satellite called Anik G1. Anik G1 is planned to commence construction in the second quarter of 2010 and enter commercial service in the second half of 2012. The Shaw Direct payload on Anik G1 will consist of sixteen national transponders operating in the extended Ku-band frequencies that will augment Shaw Direct's capacity and capabilities at its prime orbital location of 107.3 degrees West Longitude for the anticipated 15-year life of the satellite.

"We are delighted that Shaw Direct has chosen Telesat to provide the satellite capacity needed to expand its high quality video service offerings," said Dan Goldberg, Telesat's President and CEO. "The ability of Telesat and Shaw to make the substantial investments associated with Anik G1 is the result of Industry Canada's recent decision to make extended Ku-band available for direct-to-home television services, a decision that allows our companies to expand the delivery of advanced video services to all Canadians and enhances competition in Canada."

In addition to the Shaw Direct capacity, Anik G1 will carry additional payloads to serve other markets. Telesat expects to announce the selected manufacturer of this new satellite in the next two to three months.

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Jumbo Dumbo

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Apr 20, 2005
This will have 16 Extended Band Canada only transponders capable of delivering 128 HD channels in DVB-S2 MPEG4.

Canada only beams as Extended Ku band is not authorized for satellite only use in U.S. Industry Canada requires Telesat to replace this satellite by 2028 with one operating in the BSS band.
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