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Dec 2, 2009
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I'm in process, after 7 yrs w/Direct, of switching back to Dish. Ordered Sun. thru Sam's Club: rep could NOT answer questions, so had to call Dish. I was told that NO OTA module was needed for 222k receiver, and that yes, they would install Terk TV44 antenna; install time estimated at 3 hours 40 minutes. DirecTV was 1 room only, with Terk TV42 (antenna has worked fine.) Upgrading to 2 rooms, with new Terk TV44.
Now, owner of install company seems to be saying that they have to run another cable to connect Terk antenna to second bedroom; I was under impression that antenna comes in through cable that connects to receiver? This is just way beyond my skill/knowledge level.
Would appreciate feedback (in 'girlspeak' lol) in how this antenna is to be connected.


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Mar 7, 2006
The 222k does require an ota module for offair, and it will feed both tuners or tvs from the one receiver location.
I have a couple of ?'s for you. Do you have a landline telephone? If not you would be better off with the 722k. It would be the same monthly price. Also are you going with hd? If so is it on 1 or both tvs. If you need hd on both then 2 211k would be in order.
I would cxl your existing order and find a reputable local retailer who will work with you on what your trying to do. By the way an ota installation is not part of a standard install. There is a whole bunch of things installers will not do unless there is a custom fee involved.
By the way, WELCOME. There is many folks here who are very knowledgeable and willing to help. I know dish's products myself very well, but trying to convey my point to print on the screen is a bit of a challenge sometimes.


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Mar 28, 2006
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Greetings, nice to see you online again, hope you and yours are well.

I'm not all that familiar with the 222K unit, but I will agree with Jim, on the Terk equipment !
Customarily, when one combines OTA (the Antenna) with a Dish, it's done via two or more Diplexers.

Those are little gadgets which first, you input both the Antenna and Dish into one, it combines the signal and sends it on to other Diplexers, one for each Room/TV, and you separate the signals from the (in Room) Diplexer to your Antenna Input and Sat Box there.

Given what I've read in your post, I'd go along with stardust3's advice and get a Pro involved. Preferably one who can also advise you on a GOOD antenna to use, but, there's more information you need, to be assured of what to expect, concerning your OTA.

Your specific location, and what channels are available there, may preclude the need for all this. Right now, you don't know if what you can receive is worth all the trouble. It's something I'd sure want to know, and here's the way to find that out.

Go to this link, where you will find the...
LookUp & Posting Instructions for finding your Free Local TV Channels.

When you've done that (posted your Chart link) I or another qualified person here can comment on the "worth it" and an appropriate Antenna, if it goes that way.

Have a good Day ! :)
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