Test Please - 95w : 11780h20760

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  1. I cannot get anything on 95w. This signal keeps popping in/out. Anyone else having issues or am i having a problem?

    Thank you.
  3. I only have the overly-optimistic meter on the Linkbox 9000i to go by, but no issues here on my 90cm motorized. Pegged at 98% signal level and signal quality.
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  4. Just checked - getting CGTN News & CGTN Documentary on ku just fine with Q between 70-75. :)
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  5. I was afraid of that... Ugh, okay, i gotta figure out where the problem is. Thank you.
  6. You're welcome! Good luck, hoping for an easy fix. Let us know what happened.
  7. I'm confused.. It's working now. Never seen interference on KU before?? We shall see if it happens again. It wasn't the receiver, because i tried two rooms when it wasn't working with the same result.
  8. bad switch or wiring could be an issue?
  9. I recently adjusted a new dish for 95w. Is it possible that i am on some sort of ghost signal that works part of the day? It's doing it again, the signal is dancing on/off. Weird.
  10. That definitely is weird! I'm getting solid 85Q today (better than yesterday) so not the satellite. Does it happen at the same time of day? Maybe terrestrial interference or sun reflecting into lnbf?
  11. Could it be interference from 93W? I remember when I was using a (too) small dish pointed at 95W, it would easily get interference from 93W on one of the Chinese mux and from 97W on the other chinese mux. This said, based on the 85Q that you mention that does not sound like you're using a small dish, but maybe a side lobe causing trouble?

    I'm not sure of what 93W is used for and it's offline on satsignature, but could be intermitently used transponder overlapping with 11780h?
  12. Ill watch it, but it seems to happen in the middle of the day. We shall see if that duplicates. Its a 2ndary lnbf on a 1.2m dish. It's pointed at 103w with the side lnbf to 95w. I might try pop another lnbf on my other 1.2 meter that is pointed at 87w. They would both be 8 degree separation. ???
  13. Been busy last week. - Okay, it started to go out at 10:55 EST. So, it's still doing it. When i get time, I'm gonna move it to another antenna.
  14. Well, i finally got my but back up there and fixed it. I piggybacked 95w on the 87w dish rather than the 103w dish. I have a nice clean signal and lets hope it lasts all day. I enjoy the CGTN documentary channel. I think it's fixed, because this is the time i would LOOSE the signal. Between 11am and 3pm...
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  15. If you'd lock the barn door,the signal wouldn't get loose,just don't lose the key. :devilish
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  16. There is always a stinker in the mux. :bluesbros
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