The Blacklist

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  1. Redemption. While I enjoy the Tom Keane background plot the show in itself is over done with wit and nonsense. I'd be surprised if this turkey gets renewed.
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  2. Hasn't impressed me either.
  3. I keep putting off watching it , so I am not really interested either. I feel that two of these shows is too much.
  4. IMO, Keane a more interesting character than his wife.
  5. Agreed. I've always thought she was the weakest part of the show.

    I haven't watched Redemption yet either. Not because I'm not interested but I'm waiting to binge watch before the regular Blacklist returns.
  6. I agree,but I like him interacting with his wife on her show more.
  7. Well I've tried my best to enjoy Blacklist Redemption, but once I am more interested in surfing the net while the show is playing as background noise, mmm, not a good sign...

    I don't really think that it had much connection to the original Blacklist other then having Tom as a character in both shows.
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  8. I have the impression that Blacklist Redemption has turned into the "Tom Keen's Family Drama", after watching last night´s episode.
    Despite the fact that Liz and Harold were in the episode,I still don't feel it has a Blacklist flavor.
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  9. I've only watched the first episode of this show and haven't really cared about watching anymore . My wife likes it , but I'm out.
  10. IMO you're not missing much.
    I haven't watched all episodes, a few, but then I watched last night's episode, and honestly if you had told me I was watching a morning soap opera, and I had never watched Tom and Liz in the mothership show, I would have believed it.

    Most of the episode was about the secretary sleeping with the boss' (Scottie) "toy boy", boss finding out her trusted and loyal assistant is sleeping with her male prostitute (funny story....but not original how she found out).
    Oh and Tom having a fight with mom, and Tom's dad threatening mom.....Mom trying to stop dad and son from doing so and so.....

    Is it just me or seriously, doesn't that sound like your typical soap opera? :D
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  11. Yes, it sounds like a soap opera. I still say I will pass on it . I want something original ,not another clone show.
  12. Talking about Redemption, well that was a happy ending I guess, for the season finale or show finale in case it doesn't get renewed for a second season.
  13. Guess I'd better watch Redemption before the real series returns. Without spoilers were there any story cross-overs between the two shows?
  14. There wasn't any real story cross-over, just short guest appearance by Liz and Harold, but nothing that would actually relate to the main show.

    I understand the original one will have the "spring season" 2 hour premiere pretty soon.

    I really don't like the way NBC is handling their "seasons", with long breaks.

    I mean, good for Red he's had something like a 2 month vacation already....;)
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  15. I read today that this Blacklist Redemption is not likely to be renewed and for the regular Blacklist to survive , the spin off needs to end. I agree and I really only saw the first episode of it . I would rather they keep all the characters on the regular show and make that show better.
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  16. In that case let Redemption die in order to keep Red and the main show alive
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  17. This is in no way limited to NBC. Everyone seems to be taking breaks and I have to say I'm frustrated by it. ABC has a fairly long history of stuffing in repeats in the midst of the season.

    Unless you follow the trade magazines/blogs, it is difficult to tell if a show has been whacked or if it is simply on vacation.
  18. Blacklist returns tonight, good, but I still feel disoriented with the weird breaks they take.
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  19. Now Red is being chased by a ghost, that reminds me that episode some time ago when Red shot Mr Kaplan, ended with that song:

    You know that ghost is me.
    And I will never be set free,
    As long as I'm a ghost that you can't see

    I think so many episodes ago, we were given a clue.......
  20. Will have to watch again the first part of last night's episode and I will watch again S4 E2 to refresh my memory
    then I will watch second part of last night's double episode.

    IMO it was very good (the first part so far)