The CW in HD?

A while ago (a few years maybe) Dish added WPIX and I **Think** at the time was CW San Diego (was 69 now as moved to 6) to markets that didnt have a CW. Even after some markets got their "local" CW Dish has kept it

My market (Duluth, MN) has had WPIX as channel 251 for a few years now. Recently Dish added the local CW (KDLH-DT2) under channel 11 but we still have 251 as WPIX

Thanks Iceberg. That explains it. My current market doesn't have a local CW.
Not sure, I kind of remember this being debated about the time of the digital switchover. The superstations were grandfathered by call sign i.e... KTLA and not KTLA - DT.

The notion that the digital switchover had any effect on the superstations was a mistake and has been discredited. DISH was actually using digital feeds of the supers even begore the switchover.
Most likely it has more to do with contracts than bandwidth.

No contracts are required to carry a superstation. Ther is also nothing in the law that prevents HD Carriage. I supect DISH is wconcerned about syndex claims if they did this---particularly in markets where there CW coverage is in SD,
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