The Future of TV Arrives As Verizon Launches FiOS TV in Virginia Beach


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The future of television is arriving for consumers in parts of Virginia Beach as Verizon introduces FiOS TV over its revolutionary fiber-optic network.

Verizon delivers FiOS TV over the nation's largest digital, all-fiber network. Only this network has earned the certification of the independent Fiber to the Home Council for providing fiber all the way to customers' homes.

"The New Year is starting off right for Virginia Beach residents who are able to choose Verizon's FiOS TV," said Robert W. Woltz Jr., president of Verizon Virginia. "Customers who liked what FiOS has done for their Internet connection will love what it does for their TV."

Verizon FiOS TV is available now to more than 37,000 households in parts of Aragona, Arrowhead, Carolanne Farms, Chesopian Colony, Great Neck, Haygood, Kings Grant, Lake Edward, Little Neck, London Bridge, Lynbrook Landing, Lynnhaven Acres, Pembroke Manor, Point of View, Thalia and Witchduck Landing.

Consumers can check online at to see if FiOS TV is already available in their area, or to request that Verizon contact them when FiOS TV is available. To order FiOS TV, consumers can call their local Verizon sales office or 1-877-4-FIOS-TV (1-877-434-6788).

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