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  1. I would imagine that once all of the filings have been assembled, there will be much discussion about how to make everything work. Filings are by no means findings and I'd bet that more than a few will be rejected as unworkable in the big picture.
  3. I got that off Rabbitears. Get with whomever put the changes on rabbitears and cry to them since you seem to know everything
  4. Rabbitears says that those stations will be moving, not that they "went" already. Channels 40 and 50 are slated to be part of Phase 1 if I'm reading the map correctly. Phase 1 doesn't go live until the end of November 2018 according to the May 8th posting.

    This is why I asked you to clarify why you spoke as if the move had already happened ("went" versus "will be moving").
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