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For those that bought the equipment you have a two year warranty on the equipment. At the end of the two years, this plan kicks in if you decide to buy it.


The VOOM In-Home Service Plan is more than an extended warranty program for the hardware, it includes all VOOM system hardware and all in-home service work associated with VOOM. It is our intent to provide the highest level of service and true peace of mind for all of our customers and alleviate any concerns that may exist about their new system breaking down or not working optimally.

Purchased separately, the VOOM In-Home Service Plan costs $69.99 per year. Two full years of coverage are included with the purchase of the VOOM system. The cost of $69.99 per year is easily offset by the cost of just one service call and typically the service call doesn't include the cost of replacement or repair of system components.

There is no "fine print" to scrutinize. This is a true 'bumper to bumper' program for our customers. It includes everything that the Voom System is comprised of: Voom receiver, cables, remote control, off-air antenna and satellite dish. It covers the installation, reception and all hardware issues.

If a problem is found with the manufacture of some element (remote or Voom receiver for example) we will fix or replace it. If the dish or off-air antenna ceases to transmit, for example, we will send a technician to correct the problem.


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Feb 16, 2004
I guess, 2 years from now we will all upgrade our STBs to PVRs and those small network clients shown at CES. I wonder if anyone will even have the current STB to purchase this service plan...

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