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Mar 19, 2010
My Darling Wife is a book worm and has never shown much interest in anything associated with Satellite TV. She would watch programs that I tuned in but she never had much interest otherwise.

So about two or three months ago I noticed she did like The Andy Griffin shows so I went looking and found them on 99w week days at 8pm and I recorded 80 episodes specifically for her. I figured I could take a Micro HD in the kitchen once in a while and connect it to the 22" flat screen there and she could watch those there? OOPS?

So I went in the kitchen last night and she had that TV on and was standing there with the remote in her hand and I knew that I was in deep doo doo! Before it was over she had me show her not only how to get to the DVR menu but she also wanted to know how to rename the episodes by putting numbers after them so she'd know which ones she had already watched.

Next thing you know I'll be in here pissing and moaning about her taking my toys away! :facepalm


SatelliteGuys Pro
Jan 25, 2011
Insert whip sound for lone gunman. My mom has got used to my satellite system she can almost understand it she likes cozi.
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