Thinking about FTA but currently have Dish and OTA

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Nov 3, 2007
I've been throwing the idea around about getting an FTA receiver and adding it to my current setup. I have the Dish 1000 dish and an OTA antenna with a motorized rotator that was all installed by me and that equipment I own. My Dish receiver (vip611) I do not own and am still under Dish contract. What would be involved in adding a FTA receiver? Would I need an additional dish or can I use my current dish where it's pointed with both my Dish VIP611 and FTA receiver using it.


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Sep 22, 2005
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An FTA reciever wouldn't really get anything from your existing Dish antenna.
FTA programming is on a number of other satellites, all of which need a larger dish to receive.
A typical FTA installation would have a 36" dish.
That could be fixed-aimed at one of the popular FTA satellites... could be outfitted with more than one LNB to receive two satellites...
... or it could be motorized to let you receive from a number of FTA birds.

I posted a list of what's available FTA, in this other thread.

Your Dish system and FTA system would share nothing in common from the roof to the receivers.

Now as to how you would get the picture/sound from the two receivers to your TV set(s), that's another matter.
If that's the question, we can discuss various ways.


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Dec 26, 2006
Yes, you need a bigger dish to true free-to-air signals because the satellites
that have those signals are not broadcasting at such high power levels as the dbs sats. Generally a 1meter dish is plenty big for what is available.
There's some signals spread over several diff satellites, so if you really get interested, you will want to invest in a motorized system. Check some of the sponsors at top of page for an idea of what a complete system includes.
Of course you can research and pick your own parts, do the install yourself.
You'll learn a lot, and it's nice hobby too. It's not a replacement for pay-tv, but there's a world of tv up there, free news feeds and sports if you're willing to invest the effort.
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