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Jan 31, 2004
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Hey everybody. I am seriously considering switching from Dish Network to DirecTV, and I had a few questions for everybody. I know some probably can't be answered.

1. Does DirecTV even plan to offer Nickelodeon GAS or HBO Comedy sometime before the end of the year?

2. What would the cost of switching be? I would need 3 receivers total, with 1 being HD and another being DVR or TiVo. I heard DirecTV is coming out with their own kind of DVR. Is this true? The 3rd receiver would just be a normal receiver unless I could get a good deal for a 2nd HD receiver.

3. Does anybody know of the success rate for regaining distant network signals when switching? I currently receive L.A. and Chicago ABC & FOX along with my locals.

Thanks a bunch.
On #1, D* doesn't like to leak information so as of right now don't count on it.

#2, check out various online sites, I got my hardware when when I switch from E* from, if you don't see the package you're looking for call and ask. D* plans to have their HD DirecTivo out in the next few weeks. Besides the two DBS receivers it also has two ATSC OTA tuners, one more then the 921.

#3, out of their control. If you're covered by a class A or B signal then you'll need to get waivers from those stations before you can get distance networks. If you go to you can see what stations you'd need waivers from.

Good luck.
Here's the answers.

1. Not sure, DIRECTV is launching 2 new satellites one on May 2, '04 and one more this fall.

2. If you go with the best HD STB, LG LSS-3200A, Sony HD300 or the Hughes HTL-HD, which are all clones of the LG LSS-3200A with a DIRECTV DVR and one basic STB you cost should be around $550. delivered and installed. Not sure about a second breed of DIRECTV DVR as they have no official word. DIRECTV's new owner, News Corp does manufacture a satellite combo DVR for off shore distribution from the NDS division.

3. If you get distant networks with Dish you chances of getting them with DIRECTV are very good. However, it's finally up to each network to approve the waiver.

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I know that most will consider this a joke, but I'm willing to trade in my Dish receivers if it means knocking off some of the prices or an even trade for a used receiver that will work.
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