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Nov 17, 2003
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This is pretty funny. Also shows how a satellite's age can make a difference..Due to a channel having its HD channel on a different satellite, I can now get RFD HD :D

The SD feed is on AMC1 and I can barely get a signal with a 6 foot dish....

yet the HD Feed on G23 (121W) I can lock with a rock solid signal on THE FOUR FOOTER!! It shows as a 30 quality and the Coolsat 8000 plays it just fine. It even plays STO HD fine at a 20 quality. I know on the 6 footer RFD HD comes in at a 50 quality.

Had to skew the LNB a little more which did drop the quality on Sportsman Network from 60 down to 45-50 but added a new channel to the 4 footer :)


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Sep 17, 2004
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AMC 1 is a little finicky sometimes. that DW tv transponder is tricky if your dish isn't tuned just right. must be tight FEC or low power.

G23 booms in here. There is one tp that is a little weaker but comes in fine.
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