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Nov 24, 2003
Does anyone know how to get into the special installer menu? I saw the cable guy go into a special installer menu to find out the signal levels of the cable line and it showed a lot of interesting things in the menu. One that peaked my interested were port settings that could possibly enable any port that they disabled. The reason why I want into the menu is that there is a function in there about IR and I want to see if I can adjust the IR to a lower frequency because these boxes are set too high for an IR blaster used by whole house music systems (Nuvo in particular). All other components work great but it's unable to blast the signal because the frequency bandwith is set too high.

The boxes are modern Scientific Atlanta, 3100 HD, and the DVR unit.

Any help would be great, especially if you know a timewarner installer.
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Jan 25, 2004
Land O Lakes, FL
You could do a search on google for (your box name/model number service menu). If someone here knows how to do it, they will tell you. Usually, it is a sequence of buttons you push on your remote. You might have better luck with a more specific site dealing with cable tv.
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Oct 6, 2004
Try holding the select button down on the front panel. After a few seconds the box should go into the diagnostics screen. I know for sure there is a button on the front panel that performs this task. It might be select and the down key, hope this helps....peace...


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Jul 8, 2004
Dayton, OH
Actually I found it last night while at my parents' house (with ciaraco's advice above). I ended up finding that if you hold down exit+select for a few seconds, the front panel will show diag (in its 7-segment 'leet' alphabet :)). But nothing else happens until you press exit again, by itself. Lots of interesting things to poke around in there (of course I don't suggest you change anything, nor do I encourage any illegal theft of programming).
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