TiVo Prices!

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Nov 24, 2003
I just checked BB /CC and the $99 Tivo's are really a deal! Will the price be going up soon as it's a special promotion? I just want to know if I need to jump on the deal now if it won't be around a while.
Jump on it and Jump now. Directv has already stopped the deal for current subs since they are backlogged in filling these orders. Get them now at BB and CC and get them installed by a dealer and you will be happy .
I agree, I recently got the 99 dollar Hughes DVR2 and I love it. Not sure how I made through life without one, to be quite frank! :)
The Directv promotion"Truth or Dare" goes through the 28th of Feb. 2004. The inventory of 40gig hard drives is more the question than the ending date of the promotion. 80 an 120 gig hard drives are not included in the promotion.
Gifting a DirecTiVo?

So here's my holiday-themed question: one of my partners is a DirecTV sub, but I'm not. Can I buy him a DirecTiVo? I looked at Circuit City's website, and there's a form you have to fill out for activation... not what I want. I'd prefer not to have to try to figure out a way to sneak his account number or whatever out from under his nose (although I bet his wife would help)-- how do existing customers normally buy these?
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