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Welcome HOME to SatelliteGuys!
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Sep 7, 2003
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To help welcome RadioDiscussions.COM members to SatelliteGuys and make you feel more at home we are offering ALL Registered SatelliteGuys Members a FREE TWO WEEK Pub Membership to SatelliteGuys!

With your free TWO WEEK Pub Membership you will enjoy SatelliteGuys at full speed including NO SYNDICATED ADS! Plus you will get all the benifits including...

* Access to our Private Pub Members Forum (That's where all the juicy rumors are posted!)
* Elimination of over 90% of the ads! (You will only see the top banner ad and the Gold Sponsors)
* A larger Private Message box, store 2,500 Private Messages instead of only 25!
* The ability to have your own ANIMATED Avatar!
* Ability for you to post FOR SALE items in our Classifieds Section!

And MORE! For a full listing of Pub Membership benefits CLICK HERE.

We want you to feel welcome here at SatelliteGuys and we want to show you everything that we can offer you!

This free two week Pub Membership is yours for the asking! If you would like this free Two Week Pub Membership all that you need to do is send me a Private Message and request your free Pub Membership! (Note: it may take me up to 24 hours to activate your Free Pub Membership) To send me a PM just CLICK HERE!

Once your FREE Pub Membership is complete you will be automatically returned to the regular member usergroup, you will not be charged anything. After your two week trial if you decide you want to continue being a supporting SatelliteGuys Pub Member you can once again become a Pub Member for less then 7 cents a day by CLICKING HERE.

If you do want a Free Trial Pub Membership, if I could ask you a favor and that favor is to tell others about SatelliteGuys and all that we offer! Our community is over 10 years old and was build on listening to our members giving them what they want. For us the more members of our family the better! Thank you in advance for helping us spread the word!

This offer is open to ALL Registered SatelliteGuys Members! Just PM ME and I will get your setup within 24 hours! This offer expires on Friday December 13th, so if you are interested PM now! :D

Thank you and Happy Holidays from your friends here at SatelliteGuys!


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Dec 11, 2013
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Just found myself here via a search on what happen to RD.com.

I was active on the Atlanta, GA and NYC sites. Just some FYI, to help spread the word of your support to generate and vitalize the RD site, I wish to pass this along. There is an entertainment reporter who works for the Atlanta Constitution (only major newspaper in Atlanta) who was very active on the Atlanta site. His columns are read by many people, he had a good following on RD. His insight in both TV and Radio was beneficial. If you contact him, he may be able to get the word out for many former RD members to find their way here.
His name is, Rodney Ho
Best of luck.

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