traffic on this forum beginning to dwindle??


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Feb 5, 2005
It seems like there are fewer threads and replies being posted on this forum, since it has already been 25 days since the demise of Voom. Does that mean that changes are in store for this forum? I know that there was talk about eliminating this forum in favor of having one dedicated solely to programming after the popularity of this forum dwindled. Is that still going to happen? I would still like to have at least one sub-forum for help with those who purchase receivers and those with receiver problems.


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Oct 2, 2003
Has it been 25 days already?

I say 1 Month it is time to merge and clean up. So June 1st would be clean up day.

Maybe delete all the threads and leave only ones (as stickys) for those that need help moving to cable, dish or direct tv. Then have threads from then on only for Voom programing?


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Mar 26, 2004
Lots of the V* boxes being sold on ebay. Since there is no real manual for these units, buyers are going to have trouble scanning for available OTA in their particular areas. Stations already scanned in one these boxes for one area will be completely useless in other areas. Only us Voomers know the secret of how to do this. Would probably be good to continue with V* unit "help" forum or stickey for a while.


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Feb 16, 2004
Actually, we have already implemented mosted of the changes:

1. What used to be our VOOM Forum Home Page is now HDTV Home Page!

2. We have changed the the layout and revised the list of links on the home page to reflect the new expanded scope.

3. Programming news and alerts posted by Sean, BFG and others are no longer limited to VOOM channels. They cover all HD channels available on DBS and cable.

4. The VOOM Programming Forum is now part of the HDTV Programming Forum. This is where we will continue posting programming alerts and discussion of VOOM channels.

As for all other VOOM DBS forums we intend to keep them as they are for awhile. If the number of posts drops to zero, we may decide to merge some of the sub-forums, but in any case we are not going to delete any threads. We'll keep them for the history! :)

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