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This is not THE PIT KAB.

Feel free to start a thread about this in the PIT if you feel the need, to rant political stuff.
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This may(?) be good news for us as Sinclair (KATU-ABC) has a translator out here. Tribune does not and the Portland Tribune station has both THIS and Antenna TV. Neither we have OTA. So maybe we may get 32 out here in time.
I've only got 1 Sinclair station locally (CW) and no Tribune. ABC is O&O, NBC is Media General, and Fox and CBS are locally owned by Capital Broadcasting Corporation. I get the feeling it is becoming a rarity to have that many different owners in a given market, especially top-30 market which has moved up 4 spots in the past 18 years. I can only hope that will continue to be the case, but I am not overly optimistic. CBC at least seems to be very stable and profitable, and they are private, although the CEO is 74 and has been in the position since 1979, so who knows what happens when he steps down.

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