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Dec 13, 2003
From: "seattlesatelliter" <seattlesatelliter@y...>
Date: Sun Sep 5, 2004 12:39 pm
Subject: Some recent observations on VOOM here in Seattle for Wilt and others.

One question about the use of the extra space on the upper left of the
VOOM screen and PG guide has been answered. PG info now resides there
and is very helpful.

However, the PG guide for some programs (have seen this 2x so far
without looking for it) does not match what is on the screen. Last
night watched Fellini's Roma (unique approach but held my attention)
while RAN was listed on the PG.

Watched this right after watching a DVD, Barber Shop 2 (not really
worth the time), which had excellent PQ. Very little difference in PQ
between this and the HDPQ on Fellini's Roma. Roma had slightly more
saturated color but...and then we watched our local newscast in SD
(although I believe they use HD cameras) and the PQ on it was almost
as good as that on Roma. Yes, I know this is a very small sample and
depends on the transfer from 35mm to digital. However, both of us
were very impressed with the PQ using DVD (it has been months since we
rented one because of VOOM) and how close it was to watching many,
many programs and channels on VOOM (in HD, of course).

Finally, we have had lockups once a week or more since the 6.20
download which is much more often than before. In addition, we have
lost our local PBS HD station which the PG lists (and always has since
Dec. 12th) as 9-5 in the PG while the signal was received on 9-2. Now
nothing on 9-2 although 9-5 still carries the PG. At this point we
still need to call VOOM and do an OTA scan. Have hesitated
(particularly during the Olympics) as have seen enough problems posted
that the lose of 9-2 has not been important.

Shortly, the rainy season will resume and we'll see about the rainfade

In the meantime, we'll enjoy the addition of the Sci-Fi channel!

Watching HDTV under mostly sunny Seattle skies, Gill