Trouble finding satellites with 1000.4 EA


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Aug 28, 2008
Help, I cannot get my 722/211 receivers to pick up any signal from the 1000.4 EA dish.

I am using a DSC120+ sat finder which is getting signal (lower ATT to the lowest) and fine tuning lowered and I am getting a good signal with that.
The DSC120+ is connected on port 2 with the 211 powering that.

I was thinking that the 211 might be as sensitive or the DSC120+was interfering so I brought the 722 up to the cottage too this weekend. I have that hooked up on port 1.

Neither are picking up signal. Even if I am hitting a wrong satellite, shouldn't it show on the receivers?

Any tips? Thanks.


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May 22, 2006
Did you run a Switch Test? What satellites are listed on the screen of the Switch Test?


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Aug 19, 2005
Some old corn field, United States
Eastern arc is hard to find since signals are lower. You need to make sure your skew and elevations is right and that the mast is plumb. I hate doing eastern arc dishes myself. Western arcs I can almost set them without a meter 1/2 the time. Check you settings again and then run a switch test each time you think you have it aligned. Eastern arc sats are pretty close together so move the dish very slowly.