TruNews Partners With Firestone Communications for Satellite


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Sep 11, 2003
TruNews Partners With Firestone Communications for Satellite Uplink Services

DALLAS/FT. WORTH, TEXAS September 22, 2003 -- TruNews has partnered with Firestone Communications to utilize its C-Band satellite uplink service, according to Rick Wiles, President and Founder of the Christian News Channel.

TruNews, hosted by Mr. Wiles, is a daily newscast produced by the Christian News Channel. The newscast was launched September 8, 2003. Urban America Television Network is the first national programmer to carry the newscast. UATV provides 24-hours of programming to approximately 70 television stations in the United States.

TruNews is available to television stations on Telestar 7. Three feeds are provided every Monday through Friday: 5:30PM Eastern, 6:30PM Eastern, and 8PM Eastern.

The Christian News Channel selected Firestone Communications to provide satellite distribution to television stations because of the company's outstanding services available to television programmers. "Firestone Communications currently provides uplink services to four 24-hour television networks," said Mr. Wiles. "The company has the technology, skilled professionals, and track record needed to convince us that they could reliably provide the uplink service to affiliate stations," he added. "We feel very confident in choosing Firestone Communications."

Firestone Communications, Inc. is a privately held media company based in Dallas-Ft. Worth with offices in Manhattan, New York. The company's Board of Directors include Peter Lund, former President and Chief Executive Officer, CBS Corp.; Raymond Mason, former Chairman, President and CEO, Charter Group; and Ron Townsend, former President of Gannett Television.

Firestone Communications Operations Center is an FCC-licensed earth station, with an uplink capable of eight broadcast and two audio/video channels. The C-Band Satellite Uplink is capable of transmitting multiple signals, high quality broadcast feeds and multiple stereo audio channels in a PowerVue format.

The Christian News Channel is currently working on affiliation agreements with several large Christian television networks to broadcast the nightly newscast. "Satellite distribution through Firestone Communications," Wiles said, "provides a platform for TruNews to be fed three times per day to affiliates in North America."

For more information: Contact Jeremy Wiles, Director of Affiliate Relations for TruNews

Phone: (817) 579-7557

TruNews Satellite Information

Satellite: Telstar 7
Transponder 18 129 deg. West Longitude
Polarization: Vertical
Downlink Frequency:
C-Band 4060
L-Band 1090
S rate: 10.854 Msymbols
FEC 0.75
PID Codes:Video 140Audio 141PCR 140
Transmission Format: DVB MPEG 2 @ 4:2:0
Receiver: DVB compatible - or SA PowerVue Audio MPEG

TruNews satellite feeds are available three times daily Monday through Friday

Eastern Central Mountain Pacific
1 5:30PM 4:30PM 3:30PM 2:30PM

2 6:30PM 5:30PM 4:30PM 3:30PM

3 8:00PM 7:00PM 6:00PM 5:00PM
I believe you can now pick up an audio feed of the show through their website although I haven’t tried it in awhile.
This use to be the awesome crew which had the best news on the net, period! I had a falling out with them because of directional differences so I no longer support them or a partner in this ministry which I use to be one of its top financial supporters. I posted this because it’s on-topic and I wish them the best although I think they’ve destroyed the best ministry on the radio and the net. Since they no longer have their news site with links I’m having a hard time finding things to rant about.

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