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May 24, 2008
Hello to all. Been reading and learning a lot from all of you. I have a Direct TV system. It has a what I beleive to be a tripple LNB dish. 4 Wires come in from it and go to my Aspen 5 X 8 switch. We also have basic cable that come with or internet so it goes into the uhf/vhf input on the Aspen switch. I then run out of output 1 with 1 cable to or livingroom. The cable hooks into a diplexer. It then has the 2 cables coming out of the diplexer to the back of the direct tv recv. So when we shut off the recv we get local cable. Turn it back on and we get Direct tv. We only use 3 of the 8 output for direct tv and basic cable. The other 5 go to rooms and still use the diplexer buy only for basic cable. My question is I want to add a FTA to the system. I would like to run it threw a video modulator so I can broadcast the signal on let say channel 87. Then tie this in to my current setup. Then you could pick up the FTA on any TV in the house. I would then try to get a UHF remote so you could change the channel on the FTA anywhere in the house as the FTA will be located in the basement by the Aspen switch. HOW CAN I DO THIS??? Didn't know if I need all 4 cables coming from the direct dish and could some how tie it in to the Aspen switch or if I could tie it in where my local cable signal goes. I do know that is a analog input. Any help would be GREAT?? THANKS YOU
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Nov 5, 2007
Phoenix, AZ
Call your local cable company and ask them if they have any open channels for insertion of a locally generated video feed. This is pretty common in some communities that have a security camera at their front gate put on to the cable system.

Whatever channel you go with, you will insert it before the 5x8 by putting a splitter in backwards on the cable line so that the cable from the street is going in to an OUT port and your FTA channel is going in to an OUT port as well. Then connect the IN port to the 5x8.

Many cable systems aren't running signals above 750mhz, so you can usually use CATV 117 to 125.
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