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Nov 2, 2007
Will this card do 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 HD? I am setting up a MythTV box and would like to make sure this does HD in addition to SD before I buy it. I currently have a Pansat 3500SD and I want to make sure I can get the other feeds that I am missing out there without buying a HD receiver which doesn't do all the formats I am looking for (you know what I mean like with the Foretec Passion). It seems that this PCI device is also supported by Linux which is also a requirement for the platform I have it planned for. Any help would be much appreciated.
Yes it does both ( I have one), but you better have a PC with some serious horsepower to do 4:2:2 HD.

With DVB cards codecs are EVERYTHING, they will cause you to pull your hair out if you don't get the right ones, and then what works for me might not work for you. Sometimes its maddening. But worth it. :up
4:2:2 & Mythtv

Note that currently MythTV does not support 4:2:2 HD. 4:2:0 support is excellent. I'm using a Twinhan 102G card in my MythBox on a P4 3.2 Ghz 512MB RAM and a Nvidia Gforce FX 5200 and have no problems with HD playback.

The card supports 4:2:2 it's just the playback used by Mythtv does not work with a 4:2:2 stream. VLC on the same box allows for 4:2:2 live viewing.

Also note that with the latest version of Knoppmyth the satellite card was auto configured for me during the install.
Thanks for the great information. I'm curious about this "VLC". Is there a LiveCD or an all in one installation set like KnoppyMyth? I'm really looking for something that will do the HD 4:2:2 and HD 4:2:0 until I can get my hands on an IRD that will do all that for me (at a descent price). I noticed that VLC does streaming, how about recording?
KnoppMyth & VLC

KnoppMyth comes with VLC preinstalled :eureka

There is save/stream capability in VLC but I have not used it. Looks like it will save either the entire transport stream or just an individual program. It also has setting for transcoding what it saves to a different codec.
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