Two HR20's with no response to the Remote!

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Oct 11, 2006
I've had two HR20's that will not respond reliably to the remote. D* is sending out a third. Apparently this is not a known issue. I've found if the room lights are on, the remote seems to work. Room lights off, remote STOPS working!
Has anyone else noted this issue? The helpful people in tech support said it was not a known issue, but they were going to make it one.
I've searched the forum for info on the HR20 RF remote, but I'm not sure what the status of that is.
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The HR20 has had RF support since it's release.
And should have come with the RC24 remote (which is RF)

There are issues where IR interference is generated by some TV models.
HR20 Remote Control Issues

I too am having a nightmare with a newly installed HR20 DVR and an upgraded 5 LNB dish. I am about to receive my third replacement. The receiver's behavior is so freakish that Directv thinks I am some kind of nut. During the daytime, the receiver responds perfectly to the remote control. Right around the beginning of prime time (sometime between 6:30 and 7:00 pm), the receiver can only be turned on by the remote control. All other functions must be performed directly from the front control panel. It starts responding again at about 8:00 am. I also have the non-DVR HD receiver model and am not experiencing any problems with that box. The HR20 DVR is connected (via Sony Surround Sound Amp) to a Sharp Aquos LDC television. The Aquos has a OPC feature that detects room light levels and adjusts the picture. Could the OPC feature be emitting an IR signal that is interferring with the IR port on the DVR?
Could the OPC feature be emitting an IR signal that is interferring with the IR port on the DVR?

You never know the TV could be interfering, did you try it on another TV at prime time with the other unplugged?

If it does it on another set that does not have OPC, then it would be a problem in the box.

If you can at least isolate the trouble to your TV interference, you'll know better about what to do
It is almost certainly your TV. There are several posts talking about this issue, just do a web search. It's a big problem with plasma screens, with the Aquos LCD the problem is apparently caused by the backlighting.
Fixed it!

Like magic, I turned off the OPC feature (backlighting) on the Aquos and the HR20 responds to the remote control! The HR20 is on a shelf directly below the OPC sensor on the Aquos. Too bad I wasted hours and hours with Directv's support! Life is good again.
If I have 2 HR20's in the same room can I program one remote to work with them, but on separate channels? Like code 001 would be for #1 and 002 would be for #2?
I use a small eyeglass lens cloth as a drape over the sensor on the front of my H20 to block out the interference from my Sharp Aquos LCD. That way the remote still works and I don't have to make any adjustments to the Sharp.
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