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SatelliteGuys Pro
Dec 10, 2008
Western WA
:D I had a busy day yesterday. "No-Doubt", another forum regular, contacted me last Wed to offer three dishes and whole bunch of receivers. He is moving and had a 10ft WineGard and 10ft Zenith (identical to the WineGard) and a 6ft mesh (Just checked, it's a UniMesh).

The dishes were nice and on the ground, ready to seperate the sections. All stainless 1/4-20 bolts. We broke them down into 1/4 or two section each. Very easy to load on my PU. Since we had removed all perturding brackes, ect. all 8 section of the two dishes nested together, standing on edge. Guy took a picture and I'll let him upload that. The 6ft dish was in rough condition and when we couldn't find the mount I opted to leave the dish and salvaged the LNB assemble. Only got one useable actuator but both WineGard mounts were complete and in good condition. Their LNBs were both mounted on Buttonhooks and the covers were still intact. Appear to be Chaparrale I haven't opened them yet but each has only one coax and servo cable. Start to finish, about 1 hr..

I have now tested most of the receivers.

The receivers were:
GI 4DTV (920) (Invalid Unit ID)
GI 2400 (no actuator power supply, GI 200PS)
GI Super 350i (seems ok)
Toshiba TRX 2200 (works but front panel display is too dim to use)
Zenith Sat Receiver (unstable video output)
companion Sat positioner (not tested)
companion VideoCipher
EchoStar 400 (has video output but without remote or front panel control, can't do much else)

I don't plan to use all of this equipment and only picked it up because Guy needed it off the rented property by 1st (today).

The dishes are both in fair/usable condition. The Zenith is best and only has one hole (repairable).

I plan to offer my 10ft BUD, mesh (Kual-Tronic) to anyone who wants to come and get it. I will replace it with the best of the Wingards and offer the remaining one. Once I look at the LNBs I will have a better idea of what I have to offer, LNB(F)s, feed horns and mounts.

I will keep a couple of the receivers for dish movers but anyone who is interested in a particular model, let me know.

I know "RVPop" was interested in some of this stuff but Guy had lost touch with him.

Even though the receivers are (just) OK, I think the two dishes were worth the 300 mile round trip ($40/Gas). But only about 7 hrs time, including driving and disassembly and loading.

Thanks Guy aka No-Doubt,
Great 'guy'.



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SatelliteGuys Pro
Dec 10, 2008
Western WA
I opened up the covers on the three LNBs I got with these dishes.

After a brief battle with few MAD bees I got a little information and a couple pictures.

The Winegard has M/Acom model ODU-H3-STD. No Gold ring on feed horn.

The Zenith has Gardiner no model # just "DSO Block Down Converter".

The EchoStar seems to be recent vintage with EchoStar LNB-EA030

I was a bit puzzled when comparing the Winegard and Zenith. Both are identical setups, f:D and focal distance would have to be the same, but the Zenith has a the Gold ring called for when the f:D is less than .32. However, I rechecked and notice that they each have different model Chaparral feed horns, as you can see in the pictures. (f:D would still be the same regardless of the feed horn type:confused: )

Comments appreciated.



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SatelliteGuys Family
Aug 10, 2005
Pickerington, OH
The only comment that I have is "I'm jealous!"

Well, maybe not the only comment.
I can't put up a BUD in my current neighborhood, but I have been trying to secure 2 or 3 BUD's and store them away. I plan on moving to somewhere where I can build a dish farm in 2 years or so. The other day I picked up a 10 foot Orbitron mesh dish that may need a new actuator. I was just told that I can have another BUD (unknown size as of now) that is on top of one of Ohio State Univ. buildings that they no longer use if I take it down. I'm jealous that you made one stop and picked up 2 dishes in an hour! The Orbitron that I took down the other day, took about 2 days, because part of the deal was that I remove the pole and the concrete that the pole was set it..........last time I agree to that. Now I may have to get on top of a 3 story building and take one down.....oh well, what we do for our hobbies!

Congrats on your get!

No Doubt

SatelliteGuys Pro
Dec 29, 2008
Snohomish, Wa
Glad you made it home safe and sound. The dishes appear to have made the trip ok as well, I am glad someone can use them or pass them forward. I have been busy here as well, getting setup on my new property. W sure did knock those dishes down in a hurry, glad to have had the opportunity to meet you as well. I guess it will be my turn to run down "south" next, lol.
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