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  1. All the new ones I've been installing are getting 504
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  3. Anyone seeing where recordings that are watched aren't 'updated' to reflect that you've watched them or where you've stopped ?
  4. Only when I start watching them while they're still recording.
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  5. Same issue with mine since 504.
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  6. I'm familiar with that one. It has always been a shortcoming on the Hoppers or maybe just the CUI (??). This is not tied to recordings still in progress. Admittedly, at first I thought it was a case of watching something in bed and falling asleep !! That was not the case with this one though ! :p I had watched a show on the Joey but the next day, the Hopper said it had only been watched about 1/3 of the way through. When I resumed it from that point, I realized I had already seen it and started fast-forwarding (15x). I had watched the entire episode (and not fallen asleep) as I remembered all of it.
  7. The new version of the scan feature does not seem to like weak signals. Some stations that occasionally might not have come in at all on the old scan now register in the 60's on the new meter, but they usually end up in the Not In Guide column. One of these stations no longer displays a picture or sound when I tune to it, just a black screen. On the other hand, one of my stations that used to almost always be in the yellow range (around 75 - 80) now shows up on the new meter as green at 100%. I did not make any changes to my antenna aiming, and I doubt the broadcaster made any changes on their end, either. The only difference I can think of is the new scan feature / signal strength meter. It now seems to be an all-or-nothing thing. If the station is locked strong enough to receive, it will display as 100%, regardless of the actual signal strength. Other stations are hit-or-miss whether or not they will show up on a scan, but even if they do show up with weak signals, they may not end up in the guide if you save the changes after the scan.
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  8. Dish's definition of "weak" is questionable or in fact, wrong, for ours. It lists multiple stations as "No signal" or whatever the wording is in the channel-scan menu, puts it in the "Not in guide" column, yet the stations are fine and ones we watch occasionally (with no issues). I 'move' them to the other column and they work.
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  9. Yes, my local PBS station is like that. It shows up as "weak" in the Not In Guide column with a signal strength in the upper 60's / low 70's. When I try to add it back to the guide after a scan, the system acts like the signal has been lost completely. However, when I exit the scan menu without saving any changes, the station comes in just fine.
  10. I have the same experience. I end up adding "weak" stations that I know already come in. I wish they'd reverse the process. It would add all stations. Previously added stations are there to stay. Deletion of stations would be manual. As a programmer the idea of deleting anything automatically was forboten. Double assertion for deletion is a must.
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  11. In other words, it should work more like the way the scan works on the ViP receivers. :thumbup
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  12. Yes, and at the risk of adding back stations I've already deleted. It's not like I do this every day and I hardly delete any stations anyway. Does anyone see accumulation of stations a hardship?
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  13. I see accumulation of stations as a badge of honor. I like the list to show every station that my antenna has ever received, if at all possible. Of course, I am somewhat of a "DX'er" so not everyone will agree with me or appreciate my point of view on this issue. As a side benefit, I find that keeping the distant out-of-market OTA stations listed in the guide can help with guide data for sub-channel networks if Dish does not provide guide data for the in-market affiliates, since Dish is very inconsistent about where they provide sub-channel guide data.
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  14. Yeah, our Hopper 3 is still at 503.
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  15. So are my Hopper 3s.
  16. I doubt you're missing much
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