Uenss (kuen) Amc-5

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Keith Brannen

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Jun 2, 2006
Southwestern Ontario
There is a notice on the mux that they are ceasing satellite broadcast at the end of the month. Don't know whether this means KUEN will also disappear from the satellite as well, or just the distance learning channels. Went to their website and the only information listed was they have converted to Interactive Video Conferencing.

Didn't watch them much, and sometimes KUEN was almost unwatchable due to poor broadcast quality, but hate to see anything disappear off of FTA.

Diamond Jim

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Aug 18, 2004
The Boilermaker State (#19)
There was also a PBS station out of SLC, UT on AMC 5 when I got my first reciever some 4 years ago. As you said the quaility was not very good and it was gone within a month after I got hooked up. In those days Montana PBS and the SLC PBS were the only ones available at that time.


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Feb 5, 2007
Eastern Ontario, Canada
Back in the Spring I followed a course from USU quite regularly (unofficially auditing) and enjoyed it so much I was looking forward to the sequel in the Fall. When I discovered they were moving to H.323 I swallowed my disappointment and wrote to the prof. thanking him for an excellent course. He replied very graciously, with thanks for the compliment and expressing regret that the signal would no longer be there.

I even expressed willingness to register in the course, but since the authorities here are more interested in providing more alternatives to high speed internet to those that already have it rather than making it accessible to those that don't have it yet, I would not be able to follow the lectures.

FTA is an excellent medium for getting good instructional materials out. Apart from PBS there are some lectures online occasionally on AMC-5 (NYN) and I have seen some forestry stuff from Washington State on G10-R. But apart from that there does not seem to be a lot, am I missing any?

In an ideal world I see FTA as being better than a library - downloads, lectures, seminars on a wide range of topics to support those who are interested in self-tutoring.
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