Ultra High Definition Television


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Sep 7, 2003
Western WV
Ultra High Definition Television is a new type of technology in which is being developed in Japan that has such high picture quality, that the human eye cannot tell the difference between that and reality. It has 16 times the resolution than even the most advanced video broadcasting technology currently available.

Here is a link to where this news was posted: http://www.e4engineering.com/item.asp?id=50014&type=news
Problem is you need one satellite for every 5 UHDTV signals, plus you would need a really super duper, really super dish. :)

(Of course I am kidding but it would not surprise me) :D
Yeah, if people think the amount of space on the hard drive HD takes up is bad right now imagine 16 times worse (if thats the case) to get 16 times the resolution.
I'd expect to see something like this replacing IMAX or at least some Theater type of thrill rides.
Ok, when are the Ultra High Definition Channels coming out? Quite frankly, I am very disappointed in Dish Network's very slow response to this new technology, and I just might have to move to Directtv!!!
I just got my Dish 6000 receiver and the four HD satellite channels are simply STUNNING.....my brother-in-law is normally not at a loss for words and was speechless....(unfortunately the OTA digital stations are not working yet)

But now I can't wait for Ultra HD......(my less-than-week-old receiver is soon out of date)

Before DBS satellite would get all the HD channels up and running this new HD technology would probably start coming out (if the people in Japan try to get it to market soon enough). I could not see how tv could get any better than that when it comes to picture quality. That would probably be pretty well the standard for a good while once it comes out.
by todays standards...it would definitely be difficult to deliver this medium,...but many years from now, when terabytes are commonplace, and bandwidth technology is more advanced, then we'll probably see this technology...

i would expect military applications to drive the technology initially...
Some wonder how all of that space will be used since hard drives keep getting bigger and bigger but that space will be needed for such things as this. With the increase in hard drive space comes the demand for that space as well.

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