Unable to recieve digital ota stations after install


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May 30, 2004
I installed a new hughs hd box, hooked up all cables scanned for local digital while on hold with peg (direct tv) waiting to update my card. After scanning I was able to recieve digital and HD channels with my ota antenna hooked directly to the back of the box (ant in). But once they updated my card to work with the new box the picture went away and the channel name even changed (ksl-hd to ksldt). The only way I can find to get the channel back is to remove the sat dish cable, clear then rescan for local channels. But once the sat cable is screwed back in the picture goes away and the channel label changes by itself.
Direct tv can't figure it out.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
Tell us more about your system like what model receiver you have what you have for OTA antenna how your signal comes in?

Ok here goes...... hughs HIRD-E8 connected to a 42" Sony hd Plasma Tv via component cables only, no other connections. The OTA antenna is just a regular ant that shows 90 % on the channel I keep loosing according to the hughs local digital setup menu. And the OTA signal comes direct from the seperate ant to the in from ant hookup on the back of the hughs box. Once the coax from the dish is connected to the back of the hughs box the signal disappears. In order to get the channels back I must disconnect the dish coax, clear and then reload the local channels.

Thanks for your reply I hope this helps

You might want to check to see if you have the option of selecting Local OTA or Satellite Local and try antenna.org to find the direction to point your antenna if it's an indoor type.
Try going to page 7-6 of your receivers manual section on TV Resolution. Just a guess that it isn't selected correctly to display HDTV.

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