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Madison Hawk

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May 14, 2007
In today's Sports Business Journal, John Ourand (who is one of the best in the business) and Michael Smith have some inside scoop on the status of the SEC negotiations on its new television package. Highlights of the article include:

  • The SEC is looking for more broadcast windows from CBS for football Specifically, the SEC wants more prime time games and double headers on CBS.
  • The SEC is also looking for more broadcast windows on CBS for basketball.
  • Fox, who has been reported elsewhere to be interested in bidding away the rights from CBS appears to be out of the picture.
  • The SEC is negotiation with ESPN on maintaining its 7:00 ET window, having games on ESPNU and digital platforms.
  • It appears that the SEC Presidents have made a tentative decision regarding the SEC Network, but due to a gag order no one is saying what that is until details are ironed out.
I predict the SEC will launch its own network in large part because the SEC has had a large number of football games that were either not televised on on a PPV only. In addition, the SEC's basketball television agreements also leave a large number of games with no or limited distribution. The challenge will be carriage, just like it is with the Big Ten Network and the NFL Network.

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