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Updated Gregg Loewen - ISF Schedule

As you know for a few years now I have been recommending the work of Gregg Loewen for helping you get the most out of your HDTV.

Gregg is one of the countries best ISF Calibrators, he has worked on my set and has worked on many sets of of our members.

I don't get paid a cent for advertising Gregg, I just believe his work helps you get the most from your HDTV and Satellite System.

Anyways Gregg has sent me his upcoming travel schedule which I would like to share with you. If you want the best picture possible give Gregg a call, it is money well spent.

LA and San Diego is at January's months end (then again in April - May).

February is Florida, the entire state tip to tip. I will also find some time to service a few clients in the NYC / NJ area and will also be returning there in March.

And of course I will always find time to service my local / New England clients each month.

If you dont see your area listed please email Gregg and he will assist you in finding a qualified setup / ISF tech in your area.

Feel free to email gregg@lionav.com for more info
Regular service includes: MA, ME, VT, CT, NH, and RI
Regular trips to Detroit and Minneapolis via stopovers on NWA

Regular trips to Maritime Canada - twice annually
Florida, tip to tip: Feb 2004, August 2004
NJ NYC PA Feb - March 2004
Upstate New York and PA April 2004
San Diego and Los Angeles, January 2004, May 2004
Minneapolis and area, Including Wisconsin Apr 2004
Detroit, Apr 2004
Chicago, Apr 2004
San Francisco, January 2004, June 2004
North Eastern States including NH PA OH MO MN WI MI IL
St Louis MO and areas (MID WEST TOUR), including OHIO and Indianapolis, April 2004
South Eastern States including: Atlanta GA, Tennessee, North and South Carolinas, Alabama, Mississippi March 2004

Please email Gregg if your area is not listed and he will accommodate you. gregg@lionav.com

Please also remember that affiliated calibrators of LionAV service the following areas:

Washington DC area, Chuck Williams

Dallas, Steve Martin

Pheonix AZ, Michael Hamilton

Calgary, Edmonton, Western Canada and Toronto, Michael Chen
I can vouch for Gregg doing a great job. He calibrated my tv his last time through Florida and I couldn't be happier. This guy really knows his stuff, it's well worth every penny.

Friends always look at my tv now and say that theirs doesn't look anywhere near as mine.
How about Pensacola FL? I'm hurting here......Brand new 65" 65413 just begging for some nice TLC.


Thanks Scott, that's not as bad as I thought it would be - COOL

Do you think while he is in Atlanta I could get him to drive about 65 miles north to Dahlonega? Or is that out of his range?

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